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Representation is key in our society. It allows people of all races, sexes, genders, classes, ethnicity, and so on, to be seen in the correct way.

In media, representation helps bring awareness to people who may not have the chance, or freedom, to experience the culture and lifestyle of people outside of their social circle or social status caliber. Sometimes they may think that what they know is true to fact, but that “fact” could very much be someone else’s twisted perspective or opinion, instead of an accurate, non-biased, open-minded view.

Contributors to the media we view and consume need to mindful of the accuracy of their statements and documentations based on, or of, people or groups. Incorrect representation often happens, and leads to cultures and people receiving hate or being deemed as lesser. Representation helps the ignorant and uneducated see the truth. It opens many eyes to see how a person, who was possibly seen in a negative light before because of how they are as a person, or the group they are a part of, is in fact totally fine.

For centuries, even now still, someone who identifies as something other than heterosexual can be seen as an outsider to society, and therefore deemed unworthy to receive equal treatment by others. This is obviously absurd now, but wasn’t seen as so by a large amount of people until recently. A contribution, to people who identify as something other than heterosexual, receiving less hate and disgust from the general members of society, is true representation. Representation of these groups have allowed them to be seen as equal human beings in society (not to everyone, but to most, which is way better than almost none at all). This also applies to race groups. Races other than white have received many trials and tribulations to find equal ground with the dominating white contributors to society. Media has taken an incredibly long time to include people of all races to be shown in the same light. One of the reasons this has managed to be brought the lengths it has, is true representation of the races. Representation to show that no single race is better than the other.

Accurate representation proves that people are people. No person is less equal than the other just because of difference in skin colour, bone structure, or language. A person is equal to another person, because people are humans. Humans are all the same in how their bodies function. This means we’re all equal. We cry, live, bleed, and die the same. This surely shows that there isn’t any true reason for separation and segregation. We are a society that functions at its best together, as one whole, just like any healthy relationship.


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