Media and Society

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit blog. The content is purely for learning and entertainment reasons.


Media is here to inform the public about what’s up in the world. Without media, we would be quite oblivious to all that’s happening outside of the town or city we live in. Sometimes, due to cities being so big, media even shows us what’s happening within our own areas that we wouldn’t have know about before.

Education is key to society developing and growing. Media is a great driving force and medium for getting information across to a multitude of people. To educate is to bring awareness and development. Education is an enabler for people to see how changes for the better can be made, and should be made.

Entertainment is what keeps us happy and open to new ideas. We all want to be entertained by something we like at some point in the day. Otherwise, the world would just be one long gloom that none of us would want be a part of eventually. Entertainment is what brings the colour back into our lives. This even applies to jobs some of us have. If we enjoy our job and have a passion for the tasks it involves, then that too could be considered some sort of entertainment. Media, however, is the main source of entertainment in this day and age. It is easy to access, and is available to everyone.

Access to media brings so many new opportunities. Media opens people’s eyes to many things, like new types of creativity, investment, travel, culture, etc.

Media’s role in a community is dependant on the political status of the country or community it is being provided in. This means that depending on what the political status, it will detemine how media is given and portreyed to the community. If the political status is a democracy for example, then media will be very open and adventurous. If the country is run by a dictator, then the media will tend to be a lot more censored, (this goes for Communism too).

There are three main theories with regards to media and it’s distribution. The Authoritarian theory, which means that the media will be greatly monitored, controlled, and censored; the Libertarian theory, which means freedom of thought and expression is granted; and the Development theory, which means that the media is used for the development of the people and the community.

Media has a massive amount of power and influence over the way people live, react, and behave. Two big parts of our lives, Ideology and Culture, are greatly influenced by the media around us. Our ideologies (beliefs and ideas) can, and will, often be swayed by what we hear and see. Often media will give us new ideas and beliefs related to things we may not have known before. Our culture is always changing in some way too. There are definitely solid roots that will always be fallen back on, but many of the world’s cultures have been greatly influenced by the media we have and the growth of it in our societies.

Our lives are always going to be influenced by what we hear and see. Media takes advantage of that. This can often be very beneficial to our growth as people. But we also need to be aware that not everything we are exposed to is entirely true. So this is why we always need to test what we are told and shown, to prove to ourselves that it is not a lie constructed by someone else.


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