Mass Media & Communication

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“The imparting or exchanging of information on a large scale to a wide range of people” – Oxford Dictionary, the definition of mass communication.


For a long time mass communication through mass media has been how people spread messages across their towns, cities, and countries. Today this even includes the entire world. Mass communication is basically someone telling a whole bunch of other people what’s up. If something happens in the government, or with the royal family, mass communication is how the word gets around.

The forms of mass media are the means by which the messages are passed through. Mediums such as the newspaper or magazines, the internet (such as social media, websites and forums), television, movies, music, etc. These are all ways one person or a group of people can get an idea or message out to the rest of the world.

Without mass communication between people, the world may still be in quite a primitive state in some ways. Through the evolution of sharing content, people have been able to learn new things sooner, and therefore grow faster. This has reached the point where there is an overwhelming amount of new content available as soon as you open up an app like Pinterest for example.

As a constantly evolving race, mass communication through mass media has become a primary part of most people’s lives. It doesn’t really matter where you are anymore. Most people can access the internet at some point in their week. This includes people living in rural areas for example. Not all rural areas, but many now have access to some sort of an internet hub.

However, the internet isn’t the only way that media is shared. There are still radio stations and Televisions which allow communities to engage with the current state of the world. So pretty much every person out there will have some grasp on what’s happening outside of their town at least.

People aren’t meant to hide away from each other. The best way to grow is by learning from each other. If we try to find everything on our own, it’ll take much longer to develop as an individual. This could lead to becoming very closed minded, which is a very unhealthy and unfulfilling place to be.

So try open up to new information, and the ways it’s transmitted to you. It could ultimately change your life for the better. But also remember to always evaluate and analyse what you’re being told before accepting it as truth. Not everyone out there wants the best for you as an individual.



Learn something new.


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