Texts and Meaning

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“Media text is any constructed media product or piece of communication.” – SAE lecture notes

“The media text is any media product we wish to examine. Every description or representation of the world, fictional or otherwise, is an attempt to describe or define reality, and is in some way a construct of reality, a text.” – medienabc.org


Anything that is used as a medium for sending a message to an audience is considered to be called a text. The medium could be an event, a type of work, even an object. Anything that can be used to tell an audience something.

A text is a representation of something. It is used to represent a movement, a group, a message, etc. It is a tool that an audience can interact with. It is a way for someone to help motivate change. A text is the physical embodiment of what someone can stand for and believe in. It can be used to show truth, or lies, in numerous ways. It is how a leader leads through media. The texts aren’t restricted to any specific type of delivery or appearance. A text can be presented as visual, or audio. It all depends on whether it can reach an audience, and what type of feeling or emotion it stirs up.

Texts are made up of images, words, audio, movement, videos, etc. They are tangible pieces of information and expression. Many people use them to speak to the world. Businesses will make use of various forms of media text to promote a product of theirs. This will be done through advertising and branding. The advertising will be shown through various other forms of media texts as well. This will include television, internet adverts (pop-ups; videos),  billboard signs, etc. These are all ways in which the business engages with its consumers (audience). Branding is also a form of text. It contains graphics and words, which may have a tune to go with it, which would probably be used in video and audio (podcasts and radio) adverts.

Every thing we use in terms of media can be referred to as text. Things like the internet, or even the visual representations our devices use to allow us to understand what we are seeing on our digital screen. Through text, our devices can deliver various messages and knowledge to use, because we understand it once the digital information has been converted into simplified visual representations. For example: what we find on the internet is provided through words, images, and videos we can understand. This is all because of media text we are familiar with.

Texts in media are a significant part of our every-day lives. We use it to communicate ideas and opinions over social platforms on the internet, PowerPoint presentations, white boards, and so on. It is how we communicate with people outside of the standard use of speech face to face. Media text is such a large part of our lives. So perhaps we should consider ways we can make use of it to make a change in our community, because of how connected we all are to it. It may help making a change happen sooner than before.


Kawinga, R.K. 2018. Texts and meaning, lecture PowerPoint slide. Displayed during lecture at SAE Institute, Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town, South Africa.

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