New Media

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Means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the Internet.” – Oxford Dictionary, the definition of new media.


Everywhere you look there will be an example of new media. This will include things like: uploading a photo to Instagram, listening to a podcast on Castbox, watching a video on YouTube, playing Counter Strike, or finding a date on Tinder.

New media is tangled around most of our lives. To some, this may be bad. To others, it brings benefits and positive experiences to their lives. Some for example may try to maintain a certain “character” on social media, by posting specific types of post to develop a certain image. However, this image may not be true to who they actually are and could prove detrimental over time. Another person could perhaps use new media to show where they travel and the cultures they come to interact with. This making the experiences they share educational to those who may not have experienced the same thing for themselves. But the point is that many, if not most, people have incorporated some forms of new media into their lives and have decided to embrace it on a daily basis.

The way we have access to new media is through technologies such as home computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and televisions. These will all require internet access however for the user to gain access through them to new media.

New media is basically what mass communication has evolved into. Examples of this would be things like: a telegraph vs a text message, posted mail vs email, books vs ebooks, radio vs podcasts, and so on. What really separates the two is how much someone can interact with them. New media is full of features and opportunities for people to have their say or make a choice in how something is delivered or replied to personally. Mass communication involves a more one-sided approach of: we as the superior information provider tell you what we deem as true, and you as the listener/reader must accept that it is truth. New media provides everyone the opportunity to have their say and opinion put out to the world and then either accepted or challenged by someone else.

As technology continues to develop and grow, so will the new media that’s shared and developed through it. Technology plays a large role in how we live, and the development of it will help determine how people will live their lives in the future. This is the same for the access to, and growth of new media. The more tools people have available to them, the more accurate and advance the product or service will become.

The introduction of new media into society has brought many opportunities for people to be more vocal about their rights to equal treatment and representation. New media has become a closer to truth mouthpiece. This has enabled many movements to gain more publicity and bring more widespread awareness to issues being faced by different groups. This is another strong example of how new media brings much more freedom and representation to people who, perhaps didn’t have much to begin with due to how they were portrayed by people originally in control of the dominant methods and means of mass communication before new media.

So again, new media proves to be much more accessible and available to people searching and fighting for empowerment. It helps spread messages closer to truth, and provides resources to people who are searching for the truth behind something they may believe to be a lie.


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