Mass Communication

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The use of mass communication has been around for a long time. People have needed to get messages across to groups of people for centuries. That need to share information and spread knowledge has been around since people have been willing to learn.

Through the centuries people have developed new tools to help make spreading information easier and more effective. Tools such as television and the newspaper. Before these, tools, horns and drums, and various other simpler means, were used to spread a message across a large amount of space to various groups of people.

In today, people use social media and instant messaging as their mode of mass communication. It’s so much easier than previous modes of communication, and help people to get their message/information/knowledge out to the world much faster. Current day technology also helps prevent a message from being corrupted or altered on its journey to the public. The words can now come straight from the person who first says them.

Mass communication came to be used for many types of “messages”. Often during times of war and struggle, warnings would be sent out to the people to prepare them for any possible disaster or chaos that may happen. This would help to save people’s lives, and help people prepare themselves better for hardship to come. Often mass communication has been used for political propaganda. This being used to shape the thinking of the people who follow the leaders who create the misinformation. On a lighter note, mass communication has been used to share entertainment with people. This bringing a larger population of people to a happier attitude, and provide a community with something they can all share and relate with in a positive way.

Mass communication has, and is, used for various reasons, both good and bad. Either way, it has definitely impacted the world we live in today. We are now more in-touch than ever with the rest of the world, and more aware than ever about the struggles and triumphs faced and achieved outside of our home. Mass communication has surely been a large stepping stone in helping us grow as people, and as a society.


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